I'm Kevin Knopp

I like to design & develop awesome websites


I'm a front-end web developer currently living in Austin, TX. There's a warm place in my heart for simple design, clean code, and all things orange. When I'm not designing or developing, I enjoy browsing the interwebs, expanding my movie collection, or playing a good game of chess.


I currently work for Level Studios, an awesome agency with a focus on customer engagement. Agency life is fast-paced and exciting, and there's always a new project right around the corner. As a Creative Engineer, I've been able to develop websites and webapps for some of the biggest brands out there, including Timberland, Folgers, and Samsung.

Recent Work

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 logo

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Mockup

    I was flown out to New Jersey, to Samsung HQ, to work on the final touches of the site before the launch of the Galaxy S8. I also added the awesome video animations about a week after the initial launch. The final result is a really cool single page site showing off all the new features of the Galaxy S8.

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  • Folgers Jingle Contest 2017

    Folgers Jingle Contest

    Folgers Jingle Contest Mockup

    This project started out with a short deadline and only a few people. As the sole front-end dev, I was tasked with creating the project structure. I set up the build system using Gulp and was able to utilize ES6 into the project. As development went underway, my co-worker Lauren came on to the project and helped me flesh out most of the pages. I got to focus more on the javascript implementations, including setting up youtube playback and custom modals. The finished site looked great, and Folgers had a successful contest underway.

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  • Kingsburg Solar Co

    Kingsburg Solar Co.

    Kingsburg Solar Co Mockup

    This was a freelance project that I took on for Premier Renewables, a solar company based in San Luis Obispo. After confirming wireframe concepts, I began designing the site in Illustrator and Photoshop. This project was a learning experience for me, and the design process took longer than expected due to a lot of feedback from the client. After getting approved designs, I was finally able to develop the site. Everything was built out from the ground up, and was completely responsive. I used Parsley to do some simple form validation, and Mandrill to send form responses. This microsite ended up looking pretty good, but sadly this project never ended up going live.

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  • Rosetta

    Rosetta Redesign

    Rosetta Redesign Mockup

    I got the pleasure of being able to be apart of the team that worked on Rosetta's website redesign. We had about a month to build this site from the ground up. It was built out using Kirby, a flat-file cms system. Because this website was the face of our company, I, along with two other front-end developers worked closely with our design team to make sure that this site was pixel perfect. We had to spend some all-nighters and weekends in order to make our deadline, but the end result was a beatufil new site for Rosetta.

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