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A List of some of my favorite Mac menubar applications

  • Amphetamine

    The evolution of Caffine. This app keeps your mac display from falling asleep. Super useful if you need to make sure a large download completes, or you want to keep your display active for a movie. It supports a ton of features including keyboard shortcuts, multiple duration periods, and more.

    Price: Free!

  • Noizio

    An awesome little app that creates relaxing white noise to help you chill and stay focused. This app touts itself as an 'ambient sound equalizer', and it does just that. It has a unique list of sounds and includes customizations that allow you to create your own mixtures. It even has settings to set duration periods and custom keyboard shortcuts.

    Price: Free!

  • Übersicht

    Basically the equivalent of Rainmaker on Windows, for Mac. This app lets you create custom widgets that run in realtime on your Desktop. It allows for cool Desktop configurations with realtime clocks, calendars, and more.

    Price: Free!

  • Clipy

    Basically the best menubar Clipboard history manager I've found. This app keeps logs of everything you copy to your clipboard, and is super handy when you need to find the most recent thing that you've copied.

    Price: Free!

  • Numi

    The best calculator app for the mac. It makes it super easy to do everyday real-world calculations. It has a ton of support for every type of measurement conversion you can think of: units, currency, percentages, date and time, and a ton more. It supports custom variables, and even has built in functions. Check out their docs to get a better understanding of what you can do with this app.

    Price: Free!

  • Rocket

    "The fastest, smoothest Slack-style emoji picker for your Mac." Type : and an emoji searching tooltip will pop-up to quickly paste an emoji into your current application.